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Saturday, 27 July 2013


Google Nexus 7 "2" vs Samsung Tab 3 7-inch Full Comparison

nexus 7 2 vs galaxy tab 3

Samsung and Google have been in the technology race since the dawn of humanity and each scompany has introduced marvelous gadgets for the techno geeks. After Google Nexus 7 and Samsung 3 tabs both the companies are set to offer their new masterpieces i.e. Google Nexus 7 “2” and Samsung tab 3 7-inch. Both these tabs are reasonably priced but, have quality built and offers elite performances. Samsung tab 3 range is the emblem of performance, build, accessibility and affordability, this latest innovation is marvelous in its own ways though lower in specification as compared to Samsung Tab 8.1 and 10.1 inches. 
This article will unveil the striking features of Google Nexus 7 “2” and Samsung tab 3 7-inches that will definitely help you in grabbing the one that best cater your needs and choices. 

Build and design:

Both the tablets have plastic body but, give a graceful look. The back sides are smooth and have a removable battery lid. When it comes to weight the Samsung 7-inch tab is lighter as it weighs 302g while nexus 7 “2” is 340g. Both the tech toys embraces a 7 inch display, Samsung tab 3 7-inch screen has 1024x600 resolution with 169ppi, while Google Nexus 7 “2” screen has 1920x1200 with 323ppi thus, making the Nexus 7 2 one of the most demanded and sharpest device in the market. 

Ram and processor:

RAM and processor seems to be advanced in the Nexus sequel, and the resources have shown that the Nexus 7 2 will hit the markets with a Quad-core 1.5GHz processor. As far as RAM is concerned it is thought to be in between 2 and 4 GB. These days high end tabs are usually with 2GB if it comes with 4GB it will work like icing on the cake. On the other hand, the Samsung 3 7-inch tab has a dual-core ARM-7 processor and works at 1.2GHz. It has 1GB RAM and has a storage space of 8GB. 


The camera becomes the basic need of tech lovers these days and they pay special attention to the gadget mega pixels. Samsung 3 7-inch tab got 2 cameras the rear and the front. It has a 3MP rear camera and 1.3MP front facing camera that makes it a demanding device for people who enjoy video chatting with their friends and family. Google Nexus 7 “2” got 1.2 MP front camera and the rear camera is speculated to be 5MP. 
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When we talk about the battery life of the gadget no one can ever beat Samsung gadgets either its tablet or the cell phones. Samsung 3 7-inch tab has 4,000mAH battery while Google Nexus 7 “2” has 3950mAH. 

Operating system: 

Many of the sources have announced that the latest version of Android jelly bean 4.3 has been doing well and the Nexus 7 “2” will be the first device to launch it officially.  While Samsung didn’t add something new to the operating system in the Samsung 3 7-inch tab. It has 4.1.2 operating system which works pretty well with different apps and other browsing items.


Google Nexus 7 “2” will ship with 16GB and 32GB memory while Samsung 3 7-inch tab comes with 8 and 16GB of internal memory and also offer MicroSD card slot and the memory can  be extended up to 32GB without any hassle. Price for  Nexus 7 “2” is expected to be $229.99 and it is $230 for Galaxy tab 3 7-inches.

In a nutshell, both tablets have its own pros and cons though, Nexus 7 “2” somehow shows a bit more demanding specification and features as compared to the Galaxy tab 3 7-inch. However, you can have a mind blowing gaming and browsing experience with both tablets as both are running on latest android versions.
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