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Sunday, 28 July 2013


Nokia Lumia 625 vs Nokia Lumia 620 vs Nokia Lumia 720 Full Comparison

lumia 625 vs lumia 620 vs lumia 720

With so many Smartphones littering the market on a daily basis, taking a pick is nothing short of a challenge. It is therefore advisable to consider all the important phone specifications, compare them and seek professional advice before spending a whole load of cash on a new phone. Though no Smartphone can be dubbed as ‘bad’, the choice of the correct phone is determined largely by the use you put it to.
As Nokia has released it's new Windows 8 Smartphone the Nokia Lumia 625, I thought it should be compared with the other hot Lumia Windows 8 Smartphones including Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 720. Here's the comparison!

Dimensions and weight: 

Though not that important for actual functioning of the phone, its hardware definitely holds a dignified place for anyone with even a small drop of aesthetic sense. Nokia Lumia 620 being 4.54x2.41 x 0.43 inches in dimensions, being smaller than Nokia Lumia 720 measuring 5.04x2.66 x 0.35 inches. It is definitely a determining point for people into larger phones so for anyone keen on following the prevailing trend of grasping tablets and grotesquely large handsets Nokia Lumia 720 is the one. Beating Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 625 wins with a significantly larger dimension of 133.3x72.3x9.3mm. Though this might serve as an attraction for many, it is definitely a turn off for people seeking lighter phones; Nokia Lumia 625 is 159g in weight as opposed to Nokia Lumia 720 (128g) and Nokia Lumia 620 (127g) which are approximately equally heavy. 

Display or Screen: 

If all you are interested in is a touchscreen phone, you are in for a little treat; all these phones have huge displays with excellent touch sensitivity! The exact properties however vary, determining the customer traffic. Nokia Lumia 625 unlike the two others has an amazingly receptive screen which can be operated even through gloved fingers and nails. Multi-touch facility is present in all however gorilla glass 2 is installed in only Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 625. It is an excellent light weight glass that is damage resistant and thus provides protection that Nokia Lumia 620 has no idea about. Ironically, it’s Lumia 620 that enjoys the highest pixel density of 246, meaning that if printed, images captured by Lumia 620 will be way better than the other two fancy phones. 
As far as screen dimensions are concerned, Nokia Lumia 625 is nothing less than a revolution, introducing 4.7inches screen for the first time in windows based phone. Nokia Lumia 720 is 4.3 inches, which though smaller than Lumia 625 is significantly larger than Lumia 620’s 3.8 inches. Display quality of Nokia Lumia 625 and 720 is LCD, unlike the conventional TFT of Nokia Lumia 620, improving the screen quality of images tremendously and providing you a promising video experience.


Many youngsters consider camera as the only option worth considering before purchasing a new phone. Taking the look at the three famous Lumia varieties, Nokia Lumia 720 calls the shots with a back camera of 6.1 megapixels. Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 stand on the equal platform, and considerably lower than Lumia 720, with a 5 MP camera. Talking about front camera, Nokia Lumia 720 again earns the shield with 1.3 MP as opposed to VGA fronts of its other two colleagues. LED flash is installed in all three so you really don’t have to worry about getting dark photos, no matter which one you spend money on. 

Built-in Memory and SD card: 

As far as memory is concerned, it isn’t a worry. All the three handsets have a built-in memory of 8 GHz, a memory large enough for all the essentials a phone should hold. In event of an extra space requirement, you can prop in a memory card of up to 64 GHz in all three and download all that you want to.


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Author: Fahad
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