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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 "8.0” Vs. Apple iPad Mini Full Comparison, Pros and Cons

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When we talk about mobile devices and tablets Samsung always worked marvels and know the tricks how to please the tech geeks. A few months back Samsung pleased its valuable customers by launching Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy tab 3, 7.0. However, the Korean company didn’t stop its tricky game and has thrilled the tab lovers by revealing yet another striking tablet i.e. Galaxy 8 inch Tab 3. Galaxy Tab 8 gives a tough competition to heartthrob hot selling Apple’s iPad mini. Keep on reading to get a clear picture of the two highly functional and  hot favorite tabs. 


When measured diagonally the latest Samsung tab looks to have a bit bigger screen than its Apple rival. But, in real the diagonal measurements are not reliable and are deceiving. Instead, have a look on the screen area then, you will notice the real measurements which show that iPad mini has a slightly larger display. Samsung  3 "8.0” has a display of 7 inches and iPad mini has a display of 7.9 inches. Samsung followed its ritual of plastic body even in its latest tablet while iPad mini has a sleek unified aluminium body that gives an edge to Apple because of its eye catching looks. 

Size and weight:

Samsung  3 "8.0” is around 5% taller as compared to the Apple’s iPad mini. But, iPad won in width and is 9% wider than the Samsung 8 inch tab. Both tablets give a delicate and sleek look but, the Samsung tab is about 3%  thicker than iPad mini. When it comes to weight Apple’s mini is lighter than the 8 inch Samsung tablet. IPad mini is 308g while Samsung  3 "8.0” is 314g. 

Processor and RAM:

When it comes to processor Samsung didn’t work much and failed to introduce anything beyond expectation. The A5 chip which has been introduced some 27 months before for iPad 2 is used in this tablet. Though, Samsung made a nice shot by offering 3 times more RAM than present in iPad mini. The tiny RAM of Apple’s iPad mini sometimes leads to annoying experience when it comes to browsing and using applications. 
Both these tablets run on the latest and most functional versions of their respective OS. iPad mini runs on iOS 6 while Samsung  3 "8.0” runs on Android 4.2 TouchWiz UI.   
Here's the Comparison of the Apple iPad Mini to Google Nexus 7 2


Users don't have to think much about storage. iPad mini is available in 16, 32 and 64GB memory while on the other hand, Samsung 8 inch tablet is available in only 2 versions 16 and 32GB. However, the best thing is Samusng 8 inch tablet support MicroSD thus, enabling user to move his/her videos, pictures and other important files. 


Both these smashing tablets offer equal front and rear cameras. No doubt, in tablets front camera is more important for techno geeks because they love to enjoy video chat in high definition. Both embrace a 5MP rear camera and front facing camera for mini is 1.2MP while it is 1.3MP in Samsung  3 "8.0”. 


Battery life mainly depends on the usage but, the iPad mini gives a good to better battery life. The Samsung 8 inch tablet has 4,450mAH battery while iPad mini has 4,400mAH battery. 
Though, both tablets has its own good and bads but, Apple iPad mini is  a more demanding tablet because of so many factors. Moreover, Apple won the ground when it comes to apps and Google Playstore is working hard to win the hearts in this respect. 

Pros and Cones of Samsung  3 "8.0”


Outstanding RAM
Dual-core processor
Fast mobile data support


The camera lacks flash
Low screen pixel density

Pros and Cones of Apple’s iPad mini


Dual-core processor
High screen resolution


Lack of MicroSD card


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